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Brexit: What the Hell Happens Now? by Ian Dunt

Paperback / Canbury Press / 17 November 2016 / £7.99
The ultimate guide to Brexit: How our divorce from Europe will change life in the UK forever. 

I wanted to write a book which could be read in a few hours, but allow someone to win arguments about Brexit for the next decade. This is the biggest story of our lifetime, but the debate around it is filled with sloppy thinking, half-truths and self-interested speculation. It’s almost impossible for people to find one single, readable account of what is really going on. Hopefully this book will address that.
— Ian Dunt
Brexit by Ian Dunt

Our departure from the European Union is filled with propaganda, myth, and half-truth – but the risks of a chaotic Brexit are very real. Mishandling the negotiations with Brussels could lower our global status, diminish our quality of life, and throw our legal system into turmoil. 

With the help of constitutional and trade experts, Ian Dunt argues that:

  • The current approach to Brexit will be a catastrophe for the British economy. The UK urgently needs to agree transitional controls to avoid a financial cliff edge in 2019, which would thump the City and manufacturing. Two years is simply not long enough for what the government wants to do, but the May government shows no signs of pursuing an interim deal.
  • Brexit massively increases the power of the government: Theresa May’s great repeal bill will feature powers allowing ministers to use statutory instruments to alter forty years of entwined EU/UK law without the need for parliamentary debate. So far no democratic safeguards have been announced to ensure the Government does not misuse this power. If the effect of Brexit is as calamitous as expected, ministers will be encouraged to deliver trade deals by unilaterally reducing workers rights, environmental standards and consumer protections.  
  • Brexit will hurt the poor first: Manufacturing communities will be first hit by tariffs and non-tariff barriers. The working communities who voted for Brexit will be the first to be hurt by it.

Dunt also offers solutions, and suggests we should be negotiating diplomatically with European partners while also leveraging what advantages the UK has on market size and military capabilities.

Ian Dunt is editor of and a pundit on Newsnight, Channel 4 News and other shows. In this book he is joined by dozens of experts from trade, law and politics to map out how Brexit will redefine Britain in the years ahead.  Brexit: What the Hell Happens Now? is the ultimate guide to the least-understood issue of our time.

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